Five Times Nigerian First Ladies Really Disgraced Naija.

In recent years, the office of the first lady has not been without some comedy, drama and jaw breaking events / revelation; in this article we look at five (5) times events took a ugly turn. On such occasion however, Nigerians didn't 'carry last' as we were quick to jump on situation and make a good laugh out of them. Afterall; we cannot come and go and kill myself.

Sit-back, relax and enjoy our list starting from the least to the most embarrassing.

No 5:- Aisha Buhari (People are dictating to my husband)
Well, while the statement above is not the actual words of Mrs Aisha Buhari, in an interview with BBC Hausa when asked 'Do you think there are some people that are dictating to the President (Buhari) things to do...' she replied with 'That is what I'm saying' - the issues were further complicated when press men in Germany seized the opportunity to ask the President what his comments are on the interview granted by his wife, the rest like they say is history.
While public opinion varies on if and if not it is a national e
mbarrassment, the fact that things were not handled properly still remains.

No 4:- Stella Obasanjo (Corrupt dealings)

The late first lady known for her colourful and expensive lifestyle, a lifestyle which would later see her die during a tummy tuck and was accused during her time at Aso-Rock to have been involved in corrupt dealings in the contract for the African Games, illegal sale of luxurious government properties amongst others. RIP

No 3:- Patience Jonathan (Weeps on National TV)
While it is not an embarrasement to have public officers cry on national TV, especially when so many innocent life are involved - the drama surrounding this particular one, makes it an issue to consider and it makes our top3. The first lady while drilling principals of the Chibok school were 234 girls had been abducted by Boko Haram fighters repeated said “There is God o… There is God oo,” and weeped. The video would later go viral on you-tube and top video channels.

No 2:- Patience Jonathan (Buhari is Brain-dead)
This particular statement form Mrs Jonathan got everyone talking, even Abike Dabiri-Erewa labelled the then first lady (Patience) as an embarrassment to Nigerians and crowned it with a statement saying 'Mrs Jonathan is the worst First Lady Nigeria has ever had'.
This event occurred while the present president (PMB) was still an APC presidential candidate and flag bearer in an election which saw Patience and her husband leave the seat of power; Aso Rock.

No 1:- Turai Yar'Adua (Takes Over Reigns of Power)
From sneaking her husband, the then President (Yar'Adua) into the country late into the night, to rumored to have over-tuned the decision of the National Assembly to name Jonathan as the Acting President; this particular event has all the ingredients to be named our No 1 most embarrassing moment (from a first lady) in the history of the office of the first lady.

Thanks for reading, remember to review or give us your top 5.

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