Dem don ban okada,
Now bus conductors go dey smile
Dem go carry passengers dey shine,
Even gala sellers don hammer

As dem don ban okada
Make sure say your phone get earphone,
And your shoe no be high heel,
E better make you sabi apian way

Carry small umbrella,
Carry small rag,
No forget to buy brown hanky,
And those palasa yaba glasses.

Now wey dem don ban okada,
If you be agbero, go find work.
Becos dem go soon ban bus,
To make chance for BRT.

If your bobo be car owner,
Make you go beg Fashola,
Becos chicks go plenty pass water
Any shout? Na red card

As dem ban okada,
Na Igbobi doctors happy pass
But if U̶̲̥̅̊ dey sell crutches,
Soory o, na bad market.

Since wey dem don ban okada,
We go do am PH style,
5 people for one cab,
Nobody get money for chater.

Aboki go turn shoemaker,
Rider go go back to villa,
Then we go leave lagos for the lawyer
As him don ban okada.

But as dem don ban okada,
I hope say dem don settle police,
Cos na poor man go still suffer,
When boys come for night.

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