Dating Tips for Shy Girls

Going on a date and you are shy? Well, it must be a tough thing for you. It is pretty hard to socialize when you do not have the confidence that you need. When you are shy you don’t feel comfortable being with people, more so when you are to spend some time with a particular person. Going on a date is really an issue! However, you should not let your timidity or shyness affect your socialization and dating relationship. You need to have self-esteem and get out of your shell. Here are some dating tips for shy girls. Read them and check if they work for you.
  • Enhance your appearance. You need to look beautiful and stunning on your date. This will help you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you will be able to gain confidence. When you are confident about yourself, you will be more comfortable with your date. Choose a dress that will emphasize your assets but should not make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Be interactive. You should learn how to carry out a conversation. If you really cannot start a conversation, at least know how to respond to your date. Do not let the guy answer his own questions. You can start with answering a guy’s question. Refrain from giving short answers. Try to elaborate. You can also ask questions so the conversation will not be focused on you.
  • Relax. Smiling can help you fight your shyness. A smile can do wonders. When you catch him looking at you, just smile at him. Don’t bow down your head or avoid his eyes.
  •  Be yourself. You become comfortable when you are being yourself. You don’t need to pretend like you are somebody else (or blowing grammar “wey” u no know)
  • Take a deep breath. It will help you get rid of your nervousness and anxiety. (I guess you fit do this without the bobo noticing now?)
Try doing these things on your next date and if they work for you, then you must keep on doing them and soon you’ll find yourself getting rid of shyness.


Anonymous said...

i remember how i had to fight this myself...and i'm a guy.

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