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'Lanre; CEO "B'Beautiful Make-Up"
Interview Conducted By: Olamide Opesan for PMates....

One of the newest mates on the group, and yet to attend any of our previous events; but 'lanre has got enough experience with the group to ensure a sad-happy reading plus she leaves everyone with something to ponder over;

This interview also goes to inform Mates that questions asked (especially) on our Whatsapp and BBM forums should be taken seriously and with respect.... still can't figure that?


1. Full name / sex / date of birth:
Olanrewaju Elizabeth Tonato / Female/ 12th June, 17xx (that old and still has white teeth or tooth at all? lol)

2. Occupation:
Architect/ Makeup artist

3. Religion:

4. State / L.G Area
Lagos/ Badagry

5. Likes, dislikes and hobbies
Likes - truth and making friends,
Dislikes - lies and nose picking and
Hobbies - travelling, art and craft (not witch craft o lol) (now we should begin to suspect someone, cos we didn't even ask that')

6. Favorite things (music, food, TV program, movies books, quotes, colour)
Music - Gospel
Food - Beans,
TV program -The Johnsons
Movies – None
Books – None (I don’t really like to read)
Quotes - IT IS WELL
Colors - Blue, Red (If 'Lanre is a football fan; would she support Chelsea/Man-City - Blue or Arsenal /Liverpool/Man-U - Red? 10 marks)


Sholly @ PoolParty2012
When our welfare Mate; Lamidey visited Sholly for this interview; reports where that he couldn't be reached but Lami was advised to check the nearest "green bottle" joint and Alas; there he (sholly) was.... Lamidey, however didn't inform the PM-C if he had one or two bottles too.

We present "Sholly" in this edition of 'Mate of the Week' #19 (Oct 12th - 18th edition)... read on:

1. Full name / sex / Date of birth
Fatunde Omoshola / Male / Aug 16th

2. Occupation
I am an Architect

3. Religion
I practice Christianity

4. State/LG of Origin
I am from Ikorodu Local Government of Lagos State

5. Likes, dislikes and hobbies
I love singing and listening to classical songs, Dancing (only in church but i will sure dance at my grandma's burial) and travelling. (a quick reminder that the date for the event is 31st October; see our social platform for venue and direction)
Dislikes pretense, Hypocrisy and deceit

6. Favorite things (music, food, TV program, movies, books, quotes, colors)
Food: Amala with well cooked Ewedu soup and Goat meat.
Music: classical song (Handel and the likes)
TV: Who wants to be a millionaire.
Books: I m not the reading type but I read the Bible.
Quote: God formed us, Sin deformed us, Christ transformed us.
Colour: Lemon and Army green.
Movie: Many movies come to my mind now but 'Bruce Almighty' remains number one


We start this interview with Lai & Ek sharing few words on the man Dedayo Deyinka (D1) in this Edition of Mate of the Week - July 20th - 26th.
Office Man? well D1 is the People's Man

* In the words of MACHIAVELLI "It is not titles that make men illustrious, but men who make titles illustrious.”
Adedayo Adeyinka and I's friendship dates way back and I wouldn't be able to just say a few things about him thus I would rather just it describe him as ENIGMATIC, DOWN-TO-EARTH, FIRM, JOVIAL, HARDWORKING, RESOLUTE, AFFABLE and GOD-FEARING.

D1...a jolly good fellow - Lai Oluwa

* DEDAYO DEYINKA...how can I describe him when all I seem to notice is his lips, can I describe just the lips?(Covers face). D1 is nice, likes too much grammar....(Stop reading too much grammar pls..lol), sweet(the lips confusing me again...chai) guy. I always enjoy talking to him, the few times we have had the chance to talk.... he seems calm but.....just got to know him...that lips...hmmmmm, don't mind me o!(running away) - Ekanem Asuquo

.... and without wasting more time, we link you with the words  of MR GRAMMAR, enjoy it.

1. Full name / sex / Date of birth
Adeyinka Adedayo A. Male, April 27,

2. Occupation
Works as a Designer in the Installs department of RONA Home and Garden.

3. Religion
Christianity (No be spirikoko ooo) - (we didn't ask you my guilty conscience) 

4. State/LG of Origin
Ogun State/ Odeda Local Government.
Dedayo Deyinka (D1)

5. Likes, dislikes and hobbies
I like being around people that are selfless, constructive and original. Folks that are who they  say are, consequently, I choose my crowd (No be pride. Just trying to have a healthy mindset).
I am fascinated by genuine works of the mind such as writing (prose, poetry and a bit of journalism), drawing, photography and Architecture.
I like travelling to discover new horizons (you be amazed about the magnitude of diversity in terms of culture out there). I see travelling as an antidote to living longer…lol. I love honesty and hard work.

6. Favorite things(music, food, tv program, movies, books, quotes, colors)
Well…….hmmm, dislikes would be 1. Mediocrity and laxity. As much I appreciate brilliance or intelligence, I detest pride because it goes before a fall. I love neatness. I also love planning.


We present to you Mate #17, who goes simple with her response to all question and in record time too. Tobi has been a Mate from the days and convincing her to remain on the group wasn't easy and made difficult when she misinterpreted a message from the Admin.

We're glad she's with us: Lets hear from our the lady we love to call Diamond in this edition (6th - 12th June) of our Mate of the Week..... come along.

1. Full name / Sex / Date of birth
Oghenerhoro Oluwatobi Benson / Sex: Female / DOB: March 9th

2. Occupation

3. Religion

4. State/LG of Origin
Delta state

5. Likes, dislikes and hobbies
Like: sincerity.
Dislike: dishonesty.
Hobbies: travelling, decoration/designing, reading.

6. Favorite things(music, food, TV program, movies, books, quotes, colors)
Music: anything that lifts my spirits. Food: spaghetti. 

MagicMates Charity Visit (SOS Village Isolo)


Another MagicMates Production


M.C with the M.I.C; Sulaimon
Sulaimon Hollathemegee shares with Mates & the world; in this inspiring and challenging write-up; and we;'re sure reading this is worth the while.

Read On and Leave a comment:

The hope and lesson for the best life lies solely in our strength and drive to write the wrong in our past, life is a continuous task which demands a continuous exercise and process. Building a strong a virile society is a task which does not only lies in the  hands of few elected leaders but also an act of every citizen and indeed every masses. Our actions, negligence and idleness towards individuals are what have cost us our place as a nation and also as individual. We are a society where we cannot vouch for the best of life and commune (where we live) like destitute when we should live “on top of the world”. This is one thing which has plunge us into a state of political anarchy, insecurity, economic instability, tribal intolerance, religious violence and also moral down trend.

These actions from us indeed extract our social virtual by making us infidel of ethics and moral virtues. My fear for Nigeria as a nation and for individuals is not being in a state of fear but of disarray. The agony of the Nigeria’s civil war between 1967 to 1970, the pain of annulment of June 12, 1993 presidential election and the struggle thereafter, the chaotic and reign to terror of the Abacha regime and the trending corruption which is “everly” thriving in our society will not be the worst that we would meet ourselves, if we fail to curtail the blame game which everyone has embarked on in our society.

It's high time we fought our fear by doing the right things, by stating, writing and upholding the right moral-values; and these not by the constitutional defence but by social and ethical defence. We can kill our fear if we use the law of commonwealth and the Levant Ian’s theory of Thomas Hobbs which states "Don't do to another what you fear for yourself"

It's high time we respected the activities and the involvement of every individual; it’s high time leaders lead with aura and positive character and followers follow with respect and total commitment. The earlier we do this, the better for everyone.

These will help save our society from a state of despair, building a strong and virile society is a task of all, let’s start acting and continue until we are there.

Copyright belongs to:
Quadri Sulaimon O.

Written for publication on all MagicMates Mediums

Another MagicMates Production 2014.


We present Kelvin Gaz in this Inspirational Urban Praise Song, Ignites the Praise of God Almighty in the World. JUBA means PRAISE;

Kelvin Gaz has always supported the group's charity event and made a special appearance at our SOS VILLAGE; CHARITY EVENT in 2012.


We hope you ENJOY this....

Another MagicMates Production


Let's Take You Back..... into the world of our Mates of the Week #1 - #16 on a day we make public our website.... 

#1 - Daniel Ariyike Busayomi - Apr 27th - May 3rd.
We caught up with Daniel Ariyike Busayomi, a builder/architect in making. A young talented singer, a self driven motivator and a open minded lady addicted to excitement not trouble. Read More @ http://goo.gl/f8jflV

#2 - Olayiwola Oluwa - Apr 27th - May 3rd.

Mounirdeen Olayiwola Oluwa dealt with the questions asked frankly, 'spiritually' and on point in his edition of Mate of the Week. Read More @ http://goo.gl/yrrUro

#3 - Oluwaseun (Mosaku) Olukunle 4th - 10th May.

We interviewed a pioneer Mate; and its no surprise when she said "The beach party (is her favourite MM activity), it entailed a lot". Come along; get you closer to the world of 'Morsacs' Read More http://goo.gl/hxRQjk

#4 - Adeoti Oluwole - 4th - 10th May.

Read on from the guy who spent his last kobo impressing a lady, only to trek home (God knows how many kilometers....maybe 10)....and we hooked up with him on his multi-million naira building contract. Read More http://goo.gl/BRE4Dv

#5 - Faleye Tayo - 11th - 17th May.

FaleyeTayo (FT) is a fast evolving Producer and professional photographer who has acted in a few Nollywood movies "Onome Aganga" easily comes to mind. In this interview he takes us back memory lane; Read on @ http://goo.gl/WORfkq

#6 - Ibukunoluwa Kelvin-Israel - 11th - 17th May.

We experienced how difficult it is to sit a lawyer down (outside the law court) for the first time when we couldn't meet deadline day for this interview; but YES, we didn't lose the case in the end.... a case of justice delayed is not justice denied. come into the chamber of our SAN in making and a future chief justice.... need we say our (Magicmates') group solicitor and advocate. Relax & Read On @ http://goo.gl/vRUvlq


Anchored by: Fiyin Stephen (Tush) and extra commentary by Tush.
It’s just right for the newest council member to write an introduction. So Mojisola Araba writes these words about Magic...(her words)

“When I heard about the group, I thought to myself, he must be a retired, wealthy, old man to put this people up for Charity. But first full sight at him, I understood Lami's intimidation.

Looking after mates he does not know from Adam. His passion moulded us together as a family.
A glance and you'd think he can't finish a pack of Indomie. Blessed with a lovely wife and two soldiers that can be taller than Lami one day” (Lami, na joke ooo)
*duffs cap* 
The Magician. - (Mojisola Araba)

Magic & his LOL philosophy in pics.
Read On:

1.  Full name / Sex / Date of birth
Fetuga Olumide (Fet Olu) aka Magic, #ThatPhilosopherWannabe / Male / 15th Dec.

2.  Occupation
An Architect in Making (I copy Paul) (Paul Akah has suddenly become a role model J)

3.  Religion

4.  State/LG of Origin
That state with the best Garri; Ijebu-Ode, Ogun (Even though you re-arrange am, Diaris God oh)

5.  Likes, dislikes and hobbies
On Site....
I guess arguing tops the list (but constructively-it’s a talent) (matter of factly, Magic can like to argue), I like socializing and I like writing, #LFC supporter and I like being on MagicMates.
I dislike (I’ve been thinking for like 5 minutes, those it mean nothing? I just don’t wanna name the common ones like cheats etc.)
Hobbies: Arguing, writing, Laspotech days it would have been rapping first.... a ti fi le fun owon omo (left that for the younger generation), socializing definitely. (#ThatRapperWannaBe?)

6.  Favorite things (music, food, TV program, movies, books, quotes, colors)
Music: HipHop (foreign & 9ja)

Food: Primary sch days was Eba... this day; no lele
TV: hmmm, I just watch – I’m loving my kids cartoon these days self. (You’re still a kid too na...)
Movies: 24 & Prison Break stands high.
Books: Are you kidding me? Abegi next question
Quotes: It’s got to be my #ThatPhilosopherWannabe quote; I’ll share two below:


Tomi Shows Some Skills
Although she didn't jump into the pool at PoolParty2010; Airport Hotel Ikeja, Tomi showed us what we missed when she did some freestyle in "her" private pool with the aid of a 'tube' thou.
Tomi with Lil MagicII@PoolParty

Tymonified & Tomi
Mate of the week #15 (June 22nd - 28th); Tomi is said to a "damsel" and we didn't say that "Tymonified" did; a Mate and her husband had more to say he continued; "I'm married to a damsel, who is God fearing, truthful and determined to achieve all she sets out to do." - 'Tayo Adekoya.

We present to you an "Omo-Ijebu" who didn't think it wise to study economics; (wouldn't that be a waste of degree?), that pretty Mate 'Tomi.
Read On.

1. Full name / Sex / Date of birth
Adekoya Oluwatomipe Abidemi, Female, 30th June.
with her birthday loading; we advice Mates start fasting.

2. Occupation
Student and business woman.


4. State/LG of Origin

5. Likes, dislikes and hobbies
I like cooking, dancing and music. I dislike liars and pretenders.

6. Favorite things(music, food, TV program, movies, books, quotes, colors)
Tinsel, Jara and any interesting Nigerian / Ghanaian movies.
Quote " life is a lesson, the more you live the more you learn; “Never give up".

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